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Staying connected to the natural world during COVID-19

We’re in this together.

The children and nature movement works to connect kids and families around the world to the benefits of nature. We do this in cities, schools, within families, and through advancing policies and programs that get more kids outside, more often. We’ll need to do this work differently while we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


With each passing day of this crisis, it becomes more clear that too many children lack equitable access to nature. No single organization or expert has all of the answers right now. But together, we can find ways to keep children, especially the most vulnerable, both physically and mentally healthy. We'll need new and creative strategies for connecting to the natural world — even if some of those ways are indoors. 


Each week, we’ll be posting new resources from incredible partners, tips, tools, blogs and webinars, along with the best and brightest ideas from the field. Please consider this your virtual gathering place and a platform for sharing and connecting with your peers. 

In the words of our co-founder, Richard Louv: “Onward!”

FindingNature.org is a compilation of resources for the children and nature movement. Please follow local, state and federal recommendations to ensure public safety and refer to the CDC and the WHO for COVID-19 related health guidelines.

Now more than ever, we need to practice using imaginative hope to think seriously about how to create a healthier, nature-rich, more equitable civilization in the years to come.

 —Rich Louv, Author and Co-founder of the Children & Nature Network

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We are leading a global movement to increase equitable access to nature so that children– and natural places–can thrive.​ ​We ​do this ​by investing in leadership and communities through sharing evidence-based resources, scaling innovative solutions and driving policy change.

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