Outdoor Learning Opportunities for Healthy Students

Outdoor Learning Opportunities for Healthy Students A SOLUTION FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS DURING COVID 19

This position statement is the collaboration of the Inside-Outside advisory group from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont.

As we plan for the reopening of schools, we recognize the complex waves of relief and concern that may overwhelm children and families. We feel this ourselves: desperation to connect with others, worry about loved ones getting sick, eagerness for uninterrupted workdays, sadness about socialdistancing and mask-wearing. We believe this moment calls for focus on equitable access to safe, nurturing environments and flexible pathways to

enrollment and participation that are responsive to the cultural, economic, medical and emotional contexts families experience.

On that foundation and in direct response to the pandemic, we believe that schools should consider outdoor learning as part of their plans for re-opening in the fall or in the plans for hybrid/distance learning. Time spent learning from and with nature provides measurable academic, social, emotional, and physical benefits. It is sound policy to increase its implementation in our schools. We encourage an outdoor, nature-based approach

during the school day, and in scheduling the school week, that can take place on school grounds, on nearby lands, in public spaces or at home with school guidance.

Download the PDF to read the groups full position statement and recommendations.

Outdoor Learning Position Statement 0703
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